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The most accurate, efficient & secure way to verify the identity of your customers, suppliers, & partners.

Automate your entire onboarding process by leveraging data & leading digital identity verification technology, powered by AI

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A recent retail survey has revealed that close to 22 million consumers in Malaysia are digital consumers, and many spend 80% of their time online shop-hopping on websites before making a purchase decision.

As more and more consumers go online to apply for new accounts, businesses need to ramp up online services – today's digital-savvy consumers expect fast and convenient digital experiences, without compromising on safety and security.

By implementing eKYC Plus, your financial institution can onboard new customers without requiring them to visit a physical branch – giving them convenience, while offering you confidence and greater market opportunities. Our cost-effective, all-new off-the-shelf eKYC Plus solution gives you the ability to offer end-to-end digital onboarding.


Key Features and Benefits



How it works

When applicants arrive at your website and initiate the application process, they are routed to a dedicated page hosting the eKYC digital onboarding system. After confirming consent, applicants are dicted to an e-Form to fill in their personal information and upload relevant documents, such as proof of income. All information is stored securely within the CrediTrack portal.




End-to-end Digital Onboarding

Start your journey to craft improved customer experiences, with less friction, and more insights.

  • Ready e-Form

Customize a form to enable new customer applications on your website within minutes. All you need to do is to select the form fields and sections you need from ready-made templates.

  • Full Products Coverage

Offer your full range of products for your customers to choose from on your website.

  • Integrated with CrediTrack

The best part is, as an existing user of CrediTrack, simply log in to view your customers’ application results along with selected credit reports, all from within the same portal.



Experian’s best-in-class identity verification means facial recognition checks are performed on 3 levels to determine if the person’s self-portrait matches the ID captured: Similarity Check; Validity Check; and Certified Liveness Check.

In a world of identity fraud and data breaches, Experian eKYC Plus is the most accurate, efficient, and secure way to verify the identity of your customers.

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