May 2024 | News |
  • Experian Malaysia paves the way for GenAI innovation, 94% of global workforce is GenAI ready
  • Several hundred global GenAI use cases have been submitted and are being prioritized
  • GenAI Tech Week equips employees with knowledge and skills

Kuala Lumpur, 7 May 2024 – Experian Malaysia launches inaugural GenAI Tech Week, a three-day intensive program empowering employees to unlock the transformative power of Generative AI (GenAI).

Experian Malaysia’s GenAI Tech Week offers a deep dive into artificial intelligence. Through interactive sessions and workshops, the week equips non-technical staff with a clear understanding of GenAI applications and empowers them to seamlessly integrate this powerful technology into their daily workflows.

“At Experian, we believe everyone deserves the chance to harness the power of AI. That’s why we equip our workforce, regardless of technical background, with foundational GenAI skills.” said Chua Chai Ping, Country Head and HR Director of Experian Malaysia. “So far we have trained 94% of our global employees on what is GenAI and how to use it safely and securely at Experian.  We are empowering them to leverage this powerful technology and drive innovation across the company.”

Experian further empowers its workforce to unlock the full potential of GenAI through a dedicated resource site and community forum. These platforms foster knowledge sharing and collaboration, enabling employees to brainstorm innovative solutions together. Additionally, Experian fuels creativity and exploration with GenAI Global and Regional Hackathons, Coding Camps, and the GenAI Tech Talk Series, providing employees with opportunities to develop cutting-edge applications.

The company has identified over 500 use cases to implement the technology across its global operations. These applications span from content creation and summarization to chatbot development, boosting coder and engineer productivity, and streamlining data intake and structuring.

Understanding that learning is a two-way street, Experian fosters a collaborative environment. The GenAI Academy serves as a central hub, offering a diverse range of learning resources tailored for every employee, from seasoned developers to those new to the world of AI. This ensures a foundational understanding of GenAI is accessible to all.

Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice

Experian Malaysia is not just teaching employees about GenAI; they are empowering them to use it. The three-day GenAI Tech Week dives deep, equipping employees with both the knowledge and practical skills needed to harness this transformative technology. Interactive sessions and workshops not only demystify GenAI applications for non-technical staff but also empower them to actively participate in brainstorming and integrating GenAI into their daily tasks.

GenAI Tech Week marks a significant step forward as it lays the groundwork for a future where GenAI plays a transformative role across the organisation. Looking ahead, Experian Malaysia is well-positioned to not only leverage GenAI for internal innovation but also become a leader in shaping the impactful application of this powerful technology across the industry.