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Code of Conduct

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Handling customers’ sensitive financial information is tricky business that requires a high degree of integrity and strict compliance with the law.

Our Code of Conduct lays out the basic rules our employees must follow, and explains how our values guide all our decisions at Experian. It also governs how we work, be it with our own team or our interaction and commitment to you as our valued customer, supplier, partner or as a member of the public.

At its core, our Code of Conduct covers mainly information management and the ethics of our people. At the same time, it encapsulates the key elements required by law, including the Credit Reporting Agencies Act (2010) and Personal Data Protection Act of Malaysia (2010) also known as ‘PDPA’.

Our Values: We adopt Zero-Tolerance towards unethical behaviour. We are mindful of our conduct to ensure that the Trust & Confidentiality placed on us by Experian, our clients & partners will always be held in the highest esteem, without compromise.

Information Values: Our Information Security Management System ensures that all Information & Reports will be extracted from authorised & reliable sources whereby data will be aligned to ensure completeness & integrity. To further ensure data integrity, Experian Information Services (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. shall, on a constant basis, be updating our information so as to provide Real Value to our Clients.

Experian provides the most complete and in-depth analysis of a business’ credit information.

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