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Get a comprehensive view of any company, whether it’s a vendor or a business partner

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Build trust and confidence between business partners

Legitimate data from a neutral source that helps you to evaluate and understand a company’s performance for investment.

On top of information on company directors, shareholders information, subsidiary and related company, company charges, the report consists of:

  • Company name and local number
  • Former name
  • Age of company
  • Incorporation date
  • Company type
  • SSM status
  • Private exempt
  • Industry
  • Business description

  • Registered address
  • Business address
  • Market listed date
  • Market stock name
  • Market stock code

  • Paid up capital
  • Net income trend for latest financial year
  • Earnings per share for latest financial year
  • Revenue for latest financial year
  • Profit after tax for latest financial year

  • Income statement: revenue, profit before tax, profit after tax
  • Balance sheet: total asset, total liability, total equity
  • Key financial ratio: revenue growth, net profit growth
  • Key financial ratio: gearing ratio, debt ratio
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MyBiz sample report

RM39.90 (inclusive of SST)

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Self-Check Company Report

(Available only to Sdn Bhd / Berhad companies)

Authorised representatives of a company can purchase this report on behalf of their company. Please contact us for an application form to order the report.

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Company Credit Report Plus



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Company Credit Report Basic



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