Sep 2021 | Credit Risk | Analytics, Awards

Experian was recognized for its credit and collections decisioning solution, PowerCurve, which features intelligent agent-customer assist that processes complex, regulated, and subjective interactions with customers, revolutionizing how they digitally interact, on their terms, with lenders. This AI virtual assistant offers customers 24/7 access to support from their credit provider – on a financially sensitive transaction such as collections.

We embedded over 30 years of collections knowledge and experience delivered to major clients across the globe into a credit risk decision management solution that delivers this domain expertise, data, analytics, decisioning, and workflow to clients of all sizes via cloud technology. Harnessing the power of AI has enabled lenders to easily connect with customers on their terms in a fair and transparent way, and to recover losses in an operationally efficient way but also improve customer satisfaction. When’s the last time you heard a customer share a positive story about collections?  This digital self-service channel allows customers to engage with a lender on their terms and allows the lender to fulfill key objectives for quickly recovering losses, using the company’s strategic parameters for segmentation and treatment paths.

The intelligent agent customer-assist feature within PowerCurve continuously learns which distinguishes it from the traditional decision-tree structure of a chatbot. It remembers interactions and learns from them, has short-term and long-term conversation goals, and recognizes small talk. It treats customers fairly and transparently. The result feels more empathetic and allows for an always-on and real-time consumer interaction. It can also offer a future-forward benefit to lenders, by allowing their employees to strategically focus on other areas of the business, potentially increasing the capacity for more credit products and services innovation.

This Business Intelligence Group awards program sets out to recognize those organizations, products and people who bring Artificial Intelligence (AI) to life and apply it to solve real problems.