Experian Convex is our no-code, machine learning model development and governance software to develop, monitor, and fine-tune models across the credit lifecycle quickly and effectively.

Tap into the power of Advanced Analytics to anticipate and evaluate critical business decisions, with better insight than ever before with Experian Convex.

What is Experian Convex

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With the platform’s cutting-edge machine learning technologies and Experian’s industry-leading consultancy, you can uncover the insights that let you take decisive actions, in the moments that matter.

  • User-friendly Development
  • In-a-minute Deployment
  • Practical Model Governance and Automation

Unlock the value in your data

Now you can run machine learning models in deployment environment with minimal effort.

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Experian Convex uses the most up-to-date machine learning algorithms and trains them simultaneously – with automated hyper-parameter tuning that increases performance by up to 20%. Model evaluation is made easier with smart KPIs and model-specific charts, while the platform’s smart interface allows users to create new variables – both manually and automatically.

Visualize multiple variables at once, monitor descriptive analytics, and draw conclusions using data imported from multiple sources – while enriching your existing models with new data, using the retraining module.

Experian Convex modelling

Why Choose Experian Convex?

Discover model validation software unlike no other. The powerful analytics environment allows you to anticipate and evaluate critical business decisions faster, and with better insight than ever before.

Why choose Experian convex