Mar 2023 | Credit Risk |

Businesses need new insights and ideas for managing risk, amidst market volatility with multiple geopolitical impacts on financial markets. Find out how you can add value throughout the customer lifecycle using our unique combination of data, data-driven analytics, and technology.

Our value-added credit information includes company and consumer scores/ratings and the following:

Bureau Analytics – We aim to work with you as a trusted partner to discover insights and drive decisions – going beyond a purely statistical approach, to analytical techniques focusing on business objectives. Drawing on Experian’s proprietary algorithms and bureau expertise, we work with our customers to develop, deploy, and monitor strategies successfully

Experian i-SCORE – A three-digit number that provides the means for businesses to assess an entity’s credit risk and payment capability. The i-SCORE is an automated credit decision analytics tool that promotes transparency and benchmarking, while helping provide trust and confidence to local and foreign investors to invest in Malaysia.


Besides that, Experian’s Web Data Insights, our alternate SME score scours the web for relevant information to aid business targeting and decision-making. All this is continuously fine-tuned with Ascend, Experian’s analytical sandbox to develop, test, deploy and monitor advanced analytics models – including new climate risk assessment data.

UBO/CDD Reports – We turn a maze of data into a map of information. Automate your entire due diligence processes with cost-effective Ultimate Beneficial Owner reports that are compliant with Bank Negara Malaysia’s Guidelines on AML and CFT. Get a detailed view of an organization and download reports containing extensive details about a company and its stakeholders including effective shareholder percentage – all in a convenient map view.


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