Experian Malaysia State of Credit 2021 Report

An unprecedented 22 months have lapsed since the COVID-19 health crisis was in full force and where many Malaysians were sent home.

Impacted by the measures placed to contain the pandemic, the Malaysian economy experienced a growth reversal, placing many consumers in financially vulnerable positions. As a consequence, financial wellness took centerstage among many Malaysians as each attempted to navigate the uncertain circumstances surrounding employment and the economic downturn. The Malaysian Government also took unprecedented measures like bank loan moratoriums and other policy initiatives to provide support for Malaysians.

This State of Credit 2021 Report – Consumer edition captures the years running up to and including the COVID-19 impacted years of 2020 and 2021. It delivers a perspective regarding how Malaysians have managed their personal finances in face of the pandemic.

Key insights

State of Credit 2021 Report

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