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Credit Reports

Get valuable data on who you do business with

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Make accurate and informed decisions

Easy-to-understand, comprehensive business credit reports can help you mitigate risk and avoid bad debts.

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Data is the key

Credit reports empower you to make confident B2B decisions. Find out who you’re dealing with and uncover any hidden risks involved before making lending decisions or other business arrangements. We empower you with quality, accurate data of more than 10 million companies and businesses.

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Get expert, comprehensive insight

Reports that cover a business, as well as its owners and directors, are crucial for spotting potential fraud and financial crime. Our reports provide an easy-to-follow overview of a business’ finances coupled with analyst comments to bolster your decision making.

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Tap into local knowledge

The financial and banking data in the reports can give you a sense of the size and scope of a business overseas when you cannot be on site. Experian benefits from local expertise by gathering freshly investigated data direct from its local bureaus and partners around the world.

Assess the risks of businesses

Experian’s in-depth credit and business information reports are available for companies in Malaysia or more than 200 locations around the world.

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Find out who you are dealing with locally.

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Get information on over 500,000 Singapore-registered companies.

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Get information on who you are working with globally, spanning over 35 million companies.

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Why choose Experian

As the only Credit Reporting Agency in Malaysia to hold non-bank lender credit information (NLCI), we are able to provide additional information beyond the CCRIS statement, giving you all the information you need for better decisions.


Trusted partner

A leading provider of independent credit research and advisory services in Malaysia since 1990. Over 3 decades of experience and expertise with local team.

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In-depth coverage

We provide five years of financial summary, including balance sheet and profit loss statement, if available.

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Key financial ratios

From profitability ratios to growth trend ratios, we provide you with important indicators of the health of a business.

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Industry Debts Turned Cash (i-DTC)

By measuring the average number of days companies take to pay their creditors, the i-DTC can be used as a guide to made prudent decisions when setting credit terms.


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