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Experian eKYC

Verify the identity of your customers, suppliers and partners, faster and more accurately online

Onboard your customers with peace of mind within minutes

Experian eKYC is an identity verification solution that enables you to onboard your customers in just a few minutes.

Powered by artificial intelligence and data from Experian Bureau and CCRIS, Experian eKYC ensures customer information gets verified faster, at higher accuracy and security, with superior fraud detection to reduce financial risks to your business.

How eKYC benefits your business

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Reduce manual processes, save costs.

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Increase efficiency for your business.

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Seamless onboarding experience.

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Safeguard from online fraud by detecting fraud early in the onboarding process.

Identity card

Once the front and back of ID documents (either MyKad or a Malaysian driving licence) are captured, the following data is extracted via optical character recognition (OCR) and verified for authenticity:

  • Personal data: name, address, IC number
  • Electronic chip
  • Visual checkpoints: photo, ghost image, flat, logos, signature patterns and emblems
Identity card and phone

Experian eKYC verifies the extracted customer information against Experian’s leading credit bureau data built over 25 years and CCRIS data.

As the machine learns over time, it becomes more accurate and increases its fraud detection capability exponentially.

Identity card and face recongition

  1. Similarity check: ID photo matches the user’s selfie
  2. Validity check:
    • Selfie is real and not taken from a screen or a photo
    • No filter applied
    • Age difference between photo and selfie within acceptable range
    • Face is present and fully visible
  3. Certified liveness check: Perform liveness detection using iProov certified 3D selfie technology
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Experian eKYC Plus: Even quicker and easier application

With our easy off-the-shelf solution, you can give your customers the convenient option of applying for multiple financial products directly from your website. This web-based KYC process helps you to digitalise your operations, making the entire process more efficient.

All you need to do is embed that URL on your website, and applicants will be routed to us for onboarding.

Get your digital lending solution up in weeks, not months, so you can expand your customer base and bring down application abandonment rates.

By presenting your full range of financial products, customers can apply for multiple products with just one verification request.

Streamline the onboarding process by integrating with CrediTrack to verify customers’ identities and you can review their application status with required credit reports all on one portal.

Key Features and Benefits of Experian eKYC Plus

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Digital Onboarding

Customers do not need to be present in person with end-to-end digital onboarding.

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Seamless digital onboarding means convenience for customers and your team.

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Secure User Screening

Facial recognition with Similarity Check, Validity Check, and Certified Liveness Check.

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Best-in-class ID Verification

Easy step-by-step checks ensure users are who they say they are, in a matter of minutes.

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Product Listing

Include multiple loan products in your application form.


More Choices, More Convenience

Offer all your products in one place with detailed information, boosting registration rates.

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Integrated with CrediTrack

All information is stored within the CrediTrack portal, alongside selected credit reports.

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Easy Document Access

Simply log in to your CrediTrack account to view authenticated eKYC results in one place.

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Low Setup Costs

One-time setup cost, then pay only for what you use: e-Form, SMS, eKYC results, DocuProfile, and credit reports.

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Significant Savings

Grow your revenue – with no hidden costs, server investments nor heavy setup costs.

Why choose Experian eKYC Plus

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Highly Accurate – More Than 95% Accuracy Rate*

Our results comply with Malaysia Central Bank’s stipulated minimum accuracy standard of 95%.

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Secure and Compliant

Includes advanced data protection and Anti Money Laundering (AML) screening feature, in line with international security and compliance standards.

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All-in-one Combination – AI, Monitoring by Verification Experts and Comprehensive Data

Powering Experian eKYC to the next level to support your business.

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Delivered via CrediTrack DocuSafe with Credit Report Auto-generated

Select from available Credit Reports and have it ready for your review.

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Strong Track Record Globally in Vertification Accuracy

With over 250 million verifications achieved due to the best-in-class liveliness check.

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Customisable e-Form to Your Organization’s Requirements

Our eKYC Plus solution is flexible to suit various needs and purposes for various types of businesses.

*Source: As mandated by Malaysia’s Central Bank for correctly approved verifications.

In a world of identity fraud and data breaches, Experian eKYC Plus is the most accurate, efficient, and secure way to verify the identity of your customers.


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