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Credit Scoring Models

Expand your lending universe, mitigate risk and retain customers compliantly

Experian offers credit scoring model development and strategy design throughout the whole credit lifecycle with Application, Behaviour and Collections scores.

In case of the absence of sufficient data, off-the-shelf Experian Scorecards can be developed for specific requirements such as product features, policies, target segment, data availability and country.

Leveraging Alternative Data for Credit Risk Assessment

Experian has deep expertise in analysing and developing machine learning based alternative data models to improve approval rates on thin-file or no-bureau match customer segments.

We have developed attributes based on alternative data sources like telco, e-wallet and other digital sources to extract the best value.

How Experian bridges the gap of data availability from traditional credit bureaus by enabling financial institutions to credit score a wider base of applicants and grow their credit portfolio in an efficient and scalable manner.

Our scoring solutions and machine learning based scorecards help our clients to

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Increase approval rates while reducing credit loss

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Increase automation and operational efficiency for new customer acquisitions

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Drive customer level decisioning for limit managemen

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Optimise cross sell and upsell


Improve collections efficiency and better manage delinquency through early warning signals


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