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Trade Bureau

Share customers’ payment information to improve credit risk management and debt recovery

Experian established the neutral collaborative platform in 2004 for non-banking industry players to share their customers’ payment information, both positive and negative, to better recover delinquent debts and reduce credit risks.

It covers a wide range of industries including retail and credit financing, construction, logistics, fast moving consumer goods and telecommunications.

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Data contributed by members across Malaysia’s 11 broad RMIC classified industries.


Millions of records added monthly since 2004.

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Negative payment information is available to all businesses for debt recovery purposes.

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Members can access payment profile and 12-months payment trends.

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  • Study a customer’s payment behaviours and cash flow projection.
  • View consolidated records of a customer’s payment history.
  • Get early alerts on potential defaulters.
  • Gain access to detailed analysis of a customers’ payment profile and trends over period of time.
  • Review payment behaviour by a customer across various industries.
  • Helps as an effective debt recovery tool.
  • Ensure credit receiver places debt at high level of priority for settlement.
  • Non-banking payment information acts as additional credit reference to the banks apart from banking information data.
  • View Trade Bureau reports that provide an overview on Trade Bureau payment information at a minimal report fee.

Note: Experian Trade Bureau monitoring service is FREE for CrediTrack annual subscribers.

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These monthly reports provide detailed information on the payment profile of a company or an individual including:

  • Counts of previous enquiries conducted by subscribers, and the purpose of searches.
  • Subsidiaries and counts of company charges.
  • Payment profile and payment trend.
  • Credit reference or defaulted payments.
  • Non-bank lenders’ credit information.

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