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Business Analytics Consultancy

Transform business goals

Experian’s consulting teams offer a wide range of services, from strategy consulting to custom analytics and decision support. We are the leader in helping clients create meaning out of their data, Experian’s information, and other data assets (such as alternative data sources) and transforming that information into insights organisations can understand and use to address critical business issues and goals. Our consultants work with clients to maximise return on investment by designing analytical-based solutions to drive and sustain dramatic growth.

We have provided consulting services for hundreds of organisations around the world to deliver custom solutions or review existing models. Our Business Analytics Consulting team provides unmatched modeling experience and an extensive understanding of data across the three bureaus to develop the most predictive models in the industry. We have a solid reputation for integrity and an impressive track record for achieving quantifiable benefits for our clients.

Benefits our clients have realized through Business Analytics Consulting Services include:

  • Achieve better qualification, approval and take-up rates
  • Implement more effective score cutoff strategies and policy change recommendations
  • Reduce delinquencies and bad debt, while increasing booked accounts
  • Effectively manage and retain existing customers
  • Satisfy risk and regulatory compliance
  • React quickly to changes in your portfolio, your business or the market

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